Trissana welcomes the use of the lodge by Members and their families throughout the year.  Associates (non-members) as guests of members are also warmly invited to stay at the lodge. 

The lodge is not open to the general public.

Please note that all bookings must be made through a Member or be made by contacting the Bookings Manager (

Clarification has been made to the Booking Rules to make it fairer to all Members.  The Main Ski Season has also been reduced from 8 weeks to 6 weeks thus increasing the shoulder periods by one week.  This change will provide reduced accommodation costs.


        Member Priority Period - April

  • Financial members may book accommodation for themselves and up to 3 others for one week only (in school holiday periods, the Booking Manager has discretion to increase this number if there are more than 2 children in the family).
  • If this booking includes other members, then the booking is considered to be their week for priority booking. (i.e. 2 or more members staying together can only book for the one week).
  • members select a 1st & 2nd preference for their accommodation and complete details on the Accommodation Booking Form
  • At the end of April, members are notified of their allotted accommodation
  • To secure the booking, a non-refundable deposit of $100 for each person ($20 per night) must be paid within 2 weeks of the accommodation being confirmed.
  • The balance of payment for accommodation to be paid 3 weeks prior to taking up occupancy of the Lodge. 
  • In the Main Season, if a booking is made for a week and members or associates leave early, the full accommodation weekly rate will be charged.


         From May onwards,         

  • Providing space is available, members may book additional persons into their already booked week, or may book for one additional week. Again 2 members staying together can only book for one additional week (not 2 weeks).


         Further Accommodation (more than 2 weeks):

  • The booking can only be made up to a maximum of 2 weeks prior to the accommodation being required.
  • Members who stay more than 2 weeks in the Main Ski Period will be charged double the standard members rate for their extra accommodation.  (Members who stay for 2 weeks or less in the Main Ski Period and the stay for additional weeks in the Shoulder or Special Periods will be only charged the standard rate).


        Other General Conditions:

  • Bookings made during April (member priority period) for the school holiday periods are reserved initially for members and their immediate families. . This rule is relaxed after the member priority period
  • Preference will be given to families with children in the annual ski race teams in the last week of the July school holidays.
  • In a situation where full payment (including deposit fee) has been made and cancellation occurs, the $100 deposit fee is non-refundable and the accommodation balance only refunded if the accommodation can be re-booked.
  • A financial member must be present in any week to accept the responsibility of Lodge Captain. (Duties detailed in the Lodge Captain's Report).
  • The Lodge Captain's report must be completed in full and filed in the folder kept in the Lodge for inspection by NPWL officers,
  • Unfinancial members (ie. subs unpaid in the previous year) will be charged at the 'non-member' rate and can only make bookings after the 'member priority period of April' has elapsed.