Membership of Trissana Ski Lodge

Current members were approached asking if their children would be interested in joining the lodge.  We have now twenty six new members, including eight transfers from parents to children.

Membership now stands at 47 plus 1 Summer member. (Total 48 Members).

The maximum membership is currently set a 50 members and to increase the membership further will require  a submission to an extraordinary general meeting.

Explanatory Notes for Membership Applications:

To apply for membership of Trissana, an applicant must complete the 'Application for Membership of Trissana Ski Lodge Incorporated' form (available as a download - see right hand panel: Membership Documents), and be nominated and seconded by two existing members of Trissana Ski Lodge. 

The form must then be mailed/emailed to the Membership Officer (Anthony Graham - email:

The application will then be considered by the Committee (after an interview with the nominee) and if agreed, the following payment must be made.

A Special Resolution was passed at the 14th AGM held 6 June 2017 to increase the non-refundable joining fee from $1650 to $2650.  The membership fee for Trissana Ski Lodge is therefore a non-refundable joining fee of $2650 and an equity comprising shares to the value of $2,350 (repayable on resignation) making a total of $5000.  The membership will also be subject to an annual subscription, currently set at $400.

Nominated persons that have been successful for membership of the lodge may elect to pay the total cost of joining fees and shares on the basis of one-quarter of the total sum on joining and the balance by three equal payments made one year, two years and three years after joining.  Failure to make such payments as they fall due will lead to loss of membership and loss of any amount already paid, but only up to the full amount of the joining fee.

Instalment members are not entitled to vote at any meetings of Trissana Ski Lodge Incorporated until the membership is fully paid, but they are entitled to all the other privileges of Trissana Ski Lodge Incorporated.

All applications will be considered by the Committee of Trissana Ski Lodge Incorporated and an application does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a member of Trissana Ski Lodge. As with any application to join a club, the decision of the Committee is confidential and no discussions will be entered into.

If your application is successful, you will have to pay either the full amount or the first instalment (if applicable) within 60 days of the offer being made in writing.  If you do not pay within the prescribed time, the offer will lapse.